Oil, Gas & Mining

The Oil, Gas & Mining Industry Counts on Hotsy Pressure Washers for Performance and Durability

Since 1970, Hotsy has provided rugged, high-quality pressure washers to the mining and oil industries. In these environments, it becomes a real challenge to keep valuable equipment clean – whether underground or above ground. Dust and oil can quickly build up and choke equipment if not properly cared for, causing costly down time. That’s why Hotsy, known for its’ ruggedness and reliability, has become the pressure washer of choice in mines, oil fields, drilling sites and refineries across North America.

For cleaning drilling rig equipment and frack trucks, Hotsy has a wide selection of hot water pressure washers. Just like greasy dishes in the sink, hot water will cut through the oily residue on valuable equipment, prolonging the life while ensuring employee safety.

Stationary Pressure Washers
For mining, the most common method of cleaning equipment is with a washing system, which uses a stationary pressure washer remotely positioned away from the trucks or equipment being cleaned, with hot water piped in through a series of trolley hoses. Cleaning is accelerated when using a wash bay since multiple users can clean at once. Hotsy also offers an all electric model suitable for underground cleaning, where harmful fumes or emissions are dangerous.

Combining the power of a Hotsy pressure washer with our line of biodegradable detergents provides a one-two punch in removing oil and grease from surfaces. For example, Hotsy Brown detergent is the best for oil based drilling mud. Click here to learn more about the Hotsy detergents recommended for the oil & gas industry.

Choose the brand that professionals in mining and the oil & gas industries have used since 1970…Hotsy pressure washers. To best determine which model is right for you, contact us today.

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Hotsy Degreasers are popular for removing cake-on grease and grime from a variety of surfaces, including restaurants, floors, automotive shops, and more. Degreasers are highly concentrated and designed to work with a pressure washer. Hotsy degreasing detergents consist of:

dirty-dozenHotsy Brown
This versatile, extra-strong detergent is caustic based for fast and thorough cleaning. Hotsy Brown is a non-butyl product that is particularly effective on carbon-based deposits such as road film and exhaust stains, as well as dirt and grease. Not recommended for use on fine finishes, aluminum, galvanized metal or magnesium.

Hotsy Orange
This versatile, highly concentrated detergent is a non-caustic, surfactant-based product for safe, fast and thorough cleaning. Hotsy Orange has an in-use pH below 10.5 and is particularly effective in oil and gas drilling applications where oil- or water-based drilling fluids (mud) need to be cleaned. Hotsy Orange is also effective on carbon-based deposits such as road film and exhaust stains, as well as dirt and grease. Safe for most finishes.

dirty-dozenRipper I
A highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner for heavy equipment and trucks. This fast-acting cleaner is especially effective on off-road and grease-clogged equipment and great on hard-to-remove road film on tractor/trailers. Safe to use indoors and on all painted surfaces. Excellent for cleaning shop floors and walls where inside cleaning is necessary.

Ripper II
This popular extra heavy-duty detergent is caustic-based for really tough cleaning jobs such as heavy equipment and off-road machinery. Extra cleaning action attacks hydraulic-oil stains and is particularly effective on heavy deposits of dirt and grease. DO NOT USE on aluminum, galvanized metal, fine painted surfaces or magnesium. Contains Sodium Hydroxide.

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