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For Commercial Cleaning, Trust Hotsy For Your Pressure Washer Needs

Hotsy, the number one manufacturer in North America for pressure washers, understands the challenges commercial cleaning professionals face every day. Ever under the watchful eye of the public, hotels, shopping malls and campuses need to present a clean and well-manicured image. Yet keeping these areas clean is a never-ending task. Facility maintenance crews have come to rely on Hotsy pressure washers to quickly remove mold and mildew from shaded building and sidewalks, discarded chewing gum, even oil stains from parking garages.

Hotsy high-pressure washers are easy to use and built to last. With over 100 models, be sure to speak to us to determine the best pressure washer suited for your building maintenance needs.

Facility Cleaning Takes Less Time With Hotsy Pressure Washers
Using a Hotsy pressure washer will speed up your cleaning time, and often pay for itself in no time. Many models are portable and easy to maneuver between buildings. Plus, Hotsy offers the best warranties in the industry.

Hotsy Yale/Chase is an authorized Hotsy dealer. We are happy to provide an on-site demonstration, so you’re able to see how effective the cleaning can be when facing your commercial cleaning needs. Contact us now and see for yourself why “Nothing Cleans Like A Hotsy!”

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